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 Thảo anh lên onl nhá ^^

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Kim Tay Mỡ

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Thảo anh lên onl nhá ^^   Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:01 pm

As we know, the increasingly development of the industry and technology has brought us such a comfortable life. for example, we don't have to walk to school like our grandparents used to, we no longer live in the dark because we have electricity already. However, this development has also caused some harmful effects to the environment, especially the water. But have we ever thought about the result of our convenient life? Water is seriously polluted by our careless living.
( show pictures)
pic1+ 2: This is 2 photographic sketches about the main reasons that cause the water pollution.
Water is mainly polluted by the human. first reason comes from exhaust fume which is produced by transportations such as cars, motorbikes,buses and by factories. this fume goes into clouds and when it's raining, fume gets into streams,lakes, rivers and ocean.
Secondly, I'd like to talk about the sewage and waste water. Sewage is produced by Domestic households,(show pic3+4), industrial and agricultural practices. Untreated water flows into fresh water and makes a huge pollution. How many people are there? we have more than 7 billion residents in the Earth, millions houses, families and thousands cities, towns and villages so treating seawage is a big priority that many countries have to face.
Moreover, it's a shame if we don't mention the industrial waste. The development of the industry, of course, is bringing a more convenient life to us. but more factories are being built, more harmful it causes to the water. ( show pic5). throwing waste and sewage into lakes and rivers seems to be the fastest and cheapest way to let out the waste of a factory but it's also the fastest and most dangerous way to pollute water. Some pollutants such as lead, mercury, nitrates, phosphates, oils and petrochemicals easily get into clean water.
Futhermore, Shipping travel, drains, dumping and underground leaking cause oil pollution and accidentally throw petroleum, oil and waste water into the lakes, rivers and ocean.(show pic6)
And last but not least, People thinking and action is a big problem.(pic7) " oh, it's not a big deal if i throw a tiny piece of paper." You think that, don't you? That tiny piece of paper from 7 billion people will cause a giant effect to the environment and pollute the water. We dump, we drink. People throw dump like cardboard, newspaper, Foam, plastic bags and glass which takes long times to be destroyed. and then drink dirty water and don't even care.
All these reasons have lead us into a dangerous situation. Well, Water pollution absolutely ruin the beautiful sightseeing of the Earth, make many lakes, rivers and beaches become nothing but an ugly and dirty trash dumping and destroy the travelling economy.But it's not the main problem that human have to face. Polluted water might not damage our health right away but can be harmful after a long process. One of the most serious illness that water pollution causes is skin cancer.. People who drink water that contains asen can get skin cancer.(pic8). Not only human but the water animals are also affected.(pic9). Many fish, dolphins, seals have died. Let's Linh show you, ( do the experiment) you can see that fish will probably die if they swallow plastic bags. They will also not be able to swim and die if they drink oil. We will be the same as this fish if we drink polluted water. For some areas, because of the water pollution, people don't have clean water to survive(pic10). Without drinking, human and creature will soon die dry. What would happen if the next area doesn't have enough clean water is our country? the goverment is paying a large amount of money to cover these problems but pollution continues to do harm to life.
Treating water pollution is not only the work of the goverment. we ourselves have spoilt the water then we also have rights and response to limit the pollution. These are some useful ideas.

+ do not throw rubbish into rivers,lakes,oceans.(Pic11)
+ use public transports or walk and cycle instead of driving cars and motorbikes.(pic12)
+ waste water must be treated being discharged into rivers(pic13)
+ factories have to treat wastewater before discharging into rivers(pic13)
+ do not use too much fertilizer as waste will leak into groundwater ( pic14)
+ do not waste to much CO2 from heating and driving because the gas will create acid rain and pollute the water (pic15)
+ use of clean energy such as the sun and wind power. (pic16)
+ join some volunteer activities to clean the seashore, lakes, rivers, ects.. (pic17)
+ children should study about pollution and must have a right thinking about their rights and response.

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Thảo anh lên onl nhá ^^
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